TULSA, Okla. - Oklahoma contractor Eddie Woods announced that a new patent-pending technology aimed at reducing refrigerant emissions and lowering energy consumption in cooling systems, called Quality and Efficiency Assurance (QEA), will be displayed at the 2005 International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo), Feb. 7-9, in Orlando, Fla. According to Woods, "QEA is a device that will change the way air conditioners are currently installed. With this device we can expect to see a drastic reduction in refrigerant emissions, as well as lowered energy consumption."

Woods became a mechanical contractor in Oklahoma at the age of 24 and started his own air conditioning company, Meeko Heating & Air. Years later, after developing his new technology, he formed Meeko2004 to bring his innovation to the HVAC industry.

Joe Woods of Meeko2004 stated, "This device is very clever because it's easy to manufacture, yet will accomplish and verify a pressure and vacuum test prior to air conditioner installations. We have spent a great deal of time analyzing and addressing every possible scenario which could affect the integrity of the device and its use."

The device is designed to ensure that air conditioners are free of leaking lines and non-condensables upon installation. Because the proper way to ensure efficient installation is to obtain a vacuum prior to charging the system, the QEA device makes sure that a proper vacuum is attained by allowing access to refrigerant charging points only if the correct vacuum is present.

Meeko2004 hopes to soon be able to provide statistical data on the device through trials and continued research. Research will performed on air conditioners in all areas including residential, commercial, and automobiles. "Our research will show a decrease in fuel and refrigerant use in automobiles as well," Woods said.

For more information on the device, visit www.meeko2004.com.

Publication date: 11/22/2004