MINNEAPOLIS - MAMAC Systems, a global manufacturer of industrial and commercial sensors and control peripherals, has announced the purchase of West Virginia-based Redpoint Controls, a company dedicated to embedded Ethernet-based, Web-enabling products. According to MAMAC, the acquisition will allow it to introduce low-cost, Web-monitored sensor technology to small businesses and individual consumers.

"Redpoint's Red-I technology allows our sensors to communicate with end users via standard Internet technology," said S. Asim Gul, founder, president, and CEO of MAMAC Systems. "The cost savings and intuitive monitoring systems that we will be able to offer through this innovation will open up a whole new market for our products. The owner of a small grocery will be able to check everything from the temperature of the meat freezer to the lighting in the parking lot from his/her laptop at home, and make adjustments if needed."

Redpoint Controls was a company funded by INNOVA, an initiative of the West Virginia High Technology Consortium (WVHTC) Foundation in Fairmont, W.Va. INNOVA's mission is to advance products, such as the Red-I technology, to commercial success through commercialization and technical services, seed and early stage investment capabilities, and entrepreneurial training programs.

"This deal is the realization of the potential we saw in Redpoint Controls and its founders from the start," said Greg Clutter, director of the INNOVA Commercialization Group. "MAMAC Systems will introduce the newly acquired technology to their existing worldwide customer base."

MAMAC Systems provides an array of sensor technology to institutional end users, contractors, distributors and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in North America, Europe and Asia. The company has operations in the United States, Canada, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Gul stated, "Until now, the kind of critical information provided by our sensors was limited by cost and training to relatively large customers. With our new breakthrough technology, the homeowner or small businessperson can access sensory information with nothing more than a laptop and standard Web browser. These potential customers represent more than 80 percent of the market for sensory data."

For more information, visit www.mamacsys.com.

Publication date: 02/20/2006