Bud Goodman, founder of www.HeatingGuide.com, said, "We went back to the drawing board with HeatingGuide.com and now we have a product that will help heating contractors promote their business and products."

According to the company, HeatingGuide.com provides an in-depth focused approach, allowing participating contractors to take advantage of a number of tools and a coupon management program, if they wish. "We have a great search that includes searching description, we have the 44,000 plus zip code radius search," said Goodman. "This allows consumers to leave a review of the great service they have received. No slanderous or derogatory reviews will be passed. Any review that is less than honorable will first be sent to the contractor for remarks.

"This will help weed out the fly by nights... and give the contractor a way to try to better something that may have gone wrong. Often an unsatisfied customer won't tell you the contractor, but they will tell everyone else they know."

Publication date: 02/20/2006