A team of HVAC technicians that have created Books4HVAC.com, an HVAC-specific book company, has launched the Books4HVAC.com Store, an online bookstore devoted to providing books at better prices for students, teachers, and technicians.

Books4HVAC.com was founded by Luke Chapps. Chapps, an HVAC technician out in the field, found that trying to find publications for the HVAC trade was a difficult task. He noted, "Have you ever tried to buy a code book? Most large retailers will tell you it will be a two week wait."

Students can buy their HVAC books like they buy any other item from the Internet without sifting through the larger bookstores for an HVAC-related publication. The Books4HVAC.com Store offers more than 400 titles in the HVAC technology field, starting from as low as $18 to 20 percent off list price of hardcopy versions. The growing inventory of Books4HVAC includes Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, ACCA Ductulators, ASHRAE books, reference materials, and textbooks in subjects ranging from troubleshooting to service to installation.

"For years, students and educators have argued academic content is too expensive," said Chapps. "Books4HVAC has created a solution with the Store. By partnering with established book publishers, we can offer students the books they need at prices they can afford, all in a more useful store."

For more information visit www.Books4HVAC.com.

Publication date: 10/17/2005