GENERALAire’s dealer Web site,, has been updated with new single-page product sheets. The company says all whole house humidifier models, such as the 1042-LH, SL-16 and 1137, are included. In addition, a page explaining the benefits of humidification to the homeowner is included for those wishing to produce a two-sided flyer.

The new flyers are available as downloadable PDF (portable document format) files. Dealers can view each product’s photograph, features, specifications, benefits, and technical data.

The dealer may download the file and add his own dealer information to it. Then he can use the flyer electronically, print out copies for sales presentations, or take/send the file to a quick print shop for multiple copies for mass distribution.

The new Web site feature is a time saver for dealers and provides a single-page method of promoting the product in an easy-to-use, customizable format, says the company.

For more information, contact Lou Laroche, national sales manager, at 248-476-5100 or visit the Web site.

Publication date: 05/19/2003