Could it be that contractors who are fully entrenched in the residential new construction market are introverts, while those predominately involved in the residential replacement/add-on market are extroverts?

That could be one explanation - though possibly farfetched - as to why far more contractors involved in the replacement/add-on segment of the HVACR world responded to The NEWS' all-out search for entrants to The NEWS' 2006 Residential All-Star squad. There were nearly four times the number of entrants in the replacement/add-on category than for new construction.

Then again, in the HVACR universe, there are far more contractors settled in the residential replacement/add-on market overall than in residential new construction. As those who are in new construction will tell you, it takes a brave soul to compete in that market. The rewards, though, can be huge. Just look at Beutler Corp.

The Sacramento, Calif.-based firm took in well over $210 million in revenue in 2005, with 93 percent of that attributed to residential work. In the end, owner Rick Wylie's team accounted for nearly $178 million in residential new construction revenue last year, earning Beutler the top spot - for the second consecutive year - in the residential new construction division of The NEWS' 2006 Residential All-Stars.

Though only seven contracting businesses made the residential new construction squad, 22 contractors made The NEWS' residential replacement/add-on cut. Leading the way for the third straight year is American Home Maintenance, home-based in Phoenix. Owner/president Jordy Tessler's team accounted for $24.5 million in revenue last year, of which 98 percent came from residential work. In the end, American Home Maintenance accounted for $20 million-plus in the replacement/add-on sector.

For the record, The NEWS' Residential All-Stars are ranked according to their 2005 total residential sales volume, but there were other qualification requirements, including:

  • The percentage of work in the residential arena had to be significant. To be more specific, 50 percent or more of a company's total 2005 sales volume had to be in residential sales.

  • The company had to have a reputation for professionalism, quality workmanship, and accountability.

  • Candidates had to be willing to have the company's sales figures published in The NEWS. In truth, the last requirement is why many potential All-Star candidates opted not to come to the plate and bat.

    The NEWS tried to reach as many contractors as it could to compile its list of 2006 Residential All-Stars. However, it is possible we may have missed you.

    The NEWS plans to publish its listing of the 2007 Residential All-Stars in September next year. If you would like The NEWS to consider your company for inclusion in next year's team, please contact senior editor Mark Skaer at 618-239-0288, or e-mail him at

    Publication date: 09/11/2006