NORCROSS, GA — Hvac industry expert, Ruth King, will be offering her new HVAC Contractor Profitability Program. Over the past 15 years, King has helped hundreds of contractors boost their profits. Now, King has scheduled several seminars to help additional contractors do the same.

The program will include an hour-long call-in program with King, available only to contractors who participate in the seminar. The monthly shows will include sessions on service agreements, sales and marketing, business operations, and financial topics aimed to help achieve business goals. Contractors can take part in the call-in program for a full year from their office or home, or anywhere an Internet connection exists.

Another portion of the program is “The Best Practices Hour.” This hour is set up so that contractors can share ideas with each other on business practices that have worked for them.

Also, the program will offer a review of a contractor’s monthly financial statements. Every month, Ruth will analyze financial statements to keep track of a contractor’s progress. With each review, King can suggest improvements for further profitability.

Finally, King will calculate the 10 standard hvac industry ratios for the companies in the program. Contractors can then compare ratios with other businesses of similar size.

The program is available only to those who enroll by March 1, 2002. For questions, call 800-511-6844.

Publication date: 02/18/2002