ARLINGTON, Va. - The second edition ofElectricity, Electronics, and Wiring Diagrams for HVAC/R, a completely revised textbook from the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI), is now in print. The textbook, published by Prentice Hall, offers technicians a basic book on the principles of electricity and HVACR systems.

Written for students and professional HVACR technicians, this new edition covers all of the key concepts and service techniques for electricity and electronics applications, says ARI. Everything from basic electrical wiring diagrams to modern electronic control systems is said to be covered in a clear, non-mathematical, applied manner.

"Electricity, Electronics and Wiring Diagrams for HVAC/R was written to supplement and advance the skills of the entry-level student," said Ray Mach, ARI's director of education. "The user of this textbook should already have the basic knowledge of the refrigeration cycle and have basic skills in electrical troubleshooting."

Sponsored by ARI's Education and Training Committee, this book supplements ARI's Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, 4th Edition textbook, one of the standard references for HVACR education training programs.

"This textbook has proven to be an excellent resource for those preparing for the Industry Competency Exams (ICE) or for technicians reviewing for the North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification exam," said Mach.

Features of the new textbook include: a gradual introduction of various electrical devices; an "advanced concepts" section; common pitfalls and mistakes; practical tips; simple explanations of electronics; and a question and problem section.

For ordering information, contact Ray Mach at 703-524-8800 or, or order directly from Prentice Hall by calling 800-282-0693 (for schools, call 800-922-0579), or visit

Publication date: 07/18/2005