Jeff Nusz
Jeff Nusz

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Jeff Nusz joins the program to discuss how he modernized his website and gained new clients and more money because of it. We’ll go through the process of the change and much more.

Q: How did Reitmeier get involved in the World Wide Web, and what have you learned since you first got involved?

A: We launched our very first website in 2002. Our latest version was updated in July, and it took about a year from start to finish to put together. In that time, we’ve learned that the Web is always changing. About every three years, we had new software and designs coming at us. Our customers’ needs were also changing. They opted more for tablets and smartphones, and we wanted to make sure we were on the forefront of that and were adequately serving their needs. I’d say 50 percent of our customers are using our website to request service and issue project requests. The website rings more than the phone now, so to speak.

Q: As a commercial company, do you think other HVAC companies are overlooking the importance of a website? How did you make this determination?

A: We asked our clients and sent out a survey asking them what their preferred form of communication was. We noticed a shift toward email. They said they want to open their smartphone, place a service call, and get an automated response telling them when they can expect a service tech to arrive. They are busy people — property managers and building owners. They’re on the go all the time. They’re not sitting behind PCs anymore. They also wanted resources. We are really working to make our website a resource tool for our clients. They can send us questions directly, and we answer them. We want to make our website all about the clients.

Jeff Nusz
Reitmeier HVAC Services
Tualatin, Oregon

Publication date: 1/26/2015