For my job here at The NEWS, I’m always speaking with contractors and looking for new and interesting things they’re doing to drum up business. I’ve been taken aback many times by the creativity in this industry.

Driving home from my parents’ house this past weekend, I was given yet another example of this.

Coming up I-75 south of Detroit, I was struck by the words on a billboard. No, it didn’t say “free chicken wings,” instead, it asked, “Got a hot wife?” And as best I could — at 75 mph — I noticed this particular billboard was for R&L Heating and Cooling, a company in Taylor, Michigan. As we flew by (I wasn’t driving, so I had more of a chance to look), I noticed it also made a promise of “no gimmicks, no games,” to those reading.

Being it is July here in Metro Detroit, and the heat and humidity are starting to set in, this billboard gets an A+ mark for relevancy, not to mention a call to action that captures your attention.

Are you thinking of creative ways to engage customers? This certainly got my attention, especially because I already have a hot wife, so I wanted to see what they had to offer. This was a great way to get people thinking about their company — and that’s all you can ask for.