Hurricane Isaac is moving out of the United States but it has left behind a path of mud, water, and destruction. In the midst of the salvage and cleanup efforts, there are still over 100,000 customers without power. That leaves much of the area left to endure 100-105°F temperatures in the coming days without any a/c. The lack of power isn’t the only problem these residents are facing. Many of their homes are flooded and so are their heating and cooling units.

The water continues to recede however, and as it does, HVACR contractors will be called in to assess and repair the damage to heating and cooling equipment. Here are a few tips to help your technicians during repair and replacement of the units damaged in Hurricane Isaac.

1. Be mindful of the temperature. Your staff likely already knows how to deal with intense temperatures, but in an urgent situation, personal comfort and sometimes safety is sacrificed. Remind them to keep a balance between pushing themselves and being unwise.

2. Be aware of surroundings. Sounds simple enough, but it would likely be wise for installers and service techs to have some protective gear, such as gloves or masks. You can never be sure what may be found in standing water or flood residue. The risk for contaminants, mold, and structural damage are higher than normal and precaution may be the best safety device a technician will employ.
3. Prepare for emotional stress. HVACR contractors are a tough breed but it can still be more difficult than expected for those dealing with storm victims. A higher and more intense range of emotions spanning anger to intense sadness can be displayed by your customers. Service techs that live in the affected area of the disaster may also be dealing with their own cleanup and rebuild issues. All of these factors can contribute to a level of stress in the company that may need to be watched and dealt with in a timely manner.
Are you a contractor in the Hurricane Isaac storm path? Share your stories and comments below.