This summer it’s been hot, and I mean HOT! It’s expected in places like Phoenix, where temperatures can average 104-106°F between June and August; or Las Vegas, where it can range from 100-106°F. It’s the places that the heat is unexpected, however, that have really struggled with the record-setting temps. Places like Chicago, Detroit, and Indianapolis are cities where reaching above 89° is noteworthy, and getting into the triple digits is rare indeed — at least in Detroit.

According to, The Weather Channel’s website, Chicago has experienced 90° or over for, “15 of the first 19 days this month,” while Detroit has reached, “100 degrees or higher three times this month. The city averages one 100° day every 4 to 6 years.” And in Indianapolis, “Temperatures have been 90° or higher 18 of 19 days this month. Five of those days have topped out in the 100s.”

These high temperatures not only remind us to have our a/c systems checked, but they also remind us to be grateful for the invention of air conditioning. July 17 marked modern air conditioning’s 110th anniversary, thanks to Dr. Willis H. Carrier and his invention. I tip my proverbial hat to Carrier for his breakthrough in cooling and what it has meant for the lives of so many people throughout the world. This year I’m especially glad that air conditioning has evolved over time to where various types of a/c equipment is being used in all sorts of applications, even keeping me cool in my car. Without a convertible, it’s my a/c that makes my summertime living and driving easy.