In the July 11 issue ofThe NEWSthere was a Newsline story about the Environmental Protection Agency apparently conducting audits of contractors and wholesalers regarding their refrigerant record keeping.

This seems to be the first major foray of the EPA into seeing that there is compliance for at least one aspect of Section 608 of the Clean Air Act since a supermarket chain in the Chicago area had a significant fine in 2004 as the result of illegal venting of HCFC-22. The only other item that surfaces from time to time concerns illegal smuggling of R-22 into the country.

A couple folks in the industry helped me out in coming up with the auditing story in the July 11 issue. But frankly it wasn’t much of a story because most everybody involved – including the EPA – did not want to go on the record talking about the effort. But there is more to this and it could well be a major development in how contractors go about doing their jobs especially in the regulatory area.

I am seeking more folks willing to share with me what’s going on. This can be totally off the record. I am just trying to get a better handle on what’s happening.

So I am including the link to the story: and invite you to take a look at it and if you want to offer some more thoughts please do so in a reply to this blog, or by contacting me by e-mail ( or by phone (1-815-654-7270). Your information will be kept in strictest confidence if you wish.