Of course I am talking about being an HVACR technician. That takes a special set of skills and achievements. Not just anybody can install a zoned system or diagnose a chiller problem. And, not just anybody can be a judge for the Dealer Design competition. This prestigious competition between manufacturer products requires men and women who understand the equipment and are willing to weigh the evidence brought by each entrant that claims their product is the best for the job.

Are you interested? The judging begins the second week of April. Each of those who elect to fulfill this honorable duty will receive a few categories to judge within a three week time period.

If you would like to throw your hat in the ring, please e-mail me at angelaharris@achrnews.com. Residential and commercial contractors are needed.

Not just anybody can judge the Dealer Design Awards, but if you pass muster and are up to the challenge,The NEWS will provide you with a link to sign up as a judge. Are you who we are looking for?