The votes are in and it’s decided; a majority of the nation is not too happy with the changes made by the White House thus far and they are hoping the large number of Republicans recently voted in will make them happier. None of this is surprising. It seems that control of the government flip flops every few years and whichever party the country is least mad at gets the chance to prove that they are worth putting into office - or not. With new officials elected, many seem to be waiting to see what will occur, but in the meantime, HVACR contractors can take a lesson in leadership from President Obama.

Well, maybe it’s more of a lesson in reverse; a what not to do. This lesson can be summed up in one phrase, “Don’t ignore the will of the people.” Grant it the people don’t always have the facts, and mass mentality runs the gamut between brilliant and stupid, but if a leader doesn’t show themselves willing to work with and listen to the people, what he often gets is a revolt of some sort.

Consider this the next time you hand down an edict, or make sweeping reforms in your contracting firm. Communication and mutually beneficial change goes a long way in fostering progress that people can live with. Of course, there are always a few that may never get with the program, but if the majority of your company is asking you to slow down or head a different way, you should probably take it into strong consideration. You could always take a vote, but make sure you are ready to hear what the employees of your company have to say. Never ask, what you don’t really want to know.