Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s true. The best effort of an uneducated contractor is less than acceptable. This thought came to me a few weekends ago as I watched a home improvement contractor unearth inches and inches of moldy, standing water from underneath a newly installed shower. In the episode, what was initially presented as possibly a crooked contractor was finally revealed as nothing more than an incompetent contractor. According to the host, the original contractor had employed some practices that showed he was not trying to take advantage of the homeowners, but in the end, his installation techniques would have rotted the entire bathroom on the second floor, collapsed the ceiling in a section of the kitchen on the first floor, and caused possible water damage to the basement - not to mention the serious case of mold that was developing.

As an uneducated, uncertified HVACR contractor, it could be very easy to find yourself in this same position. Whether a one-man shop or a multi-million dollar business, knowing how to correctly install, duct, seal, clean, and maintain an HVAC system is possibly the most important set of tools in which you could ever invest. Granted, there really is no substation for on-the-job and real life experience, but new discoveries have been made and improved methods have been developed to ensure that HVAC systems are installed and that ductwork is sealed correctly. Keeping this in mind, taking the time to continue your education and to earn proper HVACR certifications could be the best customer service options you could ever offer your customers.