Let me re-introduce myself. Angela D. Harris, eMedia development specialist,The NEWS.

That’s my new title for this publication, and with a new title comes new responsibilities. I am primarily responsible for developing new ways to tell the HVACR industry’s story, both digitally and in print. Don’t worry; I am not here to announce the apocalyptic end of the print era. In fact, it is my job to enhance the reader’s print and online experiences.

I also consider it part of my duty to inform contractors about the newest technologies that can be applied at different levels in their contracting firms.

Granted, every piece of technology launched is not designed specifically for the HVACR contractor, but looking at the current technology landscape, I would suggest leaving the idea of doing business sans technology behind. It is time to move forward, change your way of thinking, and try some creative small-scale technology adoption.

Pick one thing. It is not necessary to throw the entire pot of spaghetti on the wall to get a few ideas to stick.

Choose a type of technology that fits your business. Research it, identify how it will be used, develop a strategy for its implementation, and then define specific metrics to measure its success.

Be sure that final step is done before implementing. If you don’t know what you are expecting, how will you know if you succeed?

Are you working with any new technologies in your business?

Tell us about it. Post a comment below.