Back on July 8, I got the following e-mail:

“Has there been a final ruling on this topic yet (referring to an earlier article of mine about an EPA ruling regarding an R-22 equipment timeline)? In particular, the one having to do with the sale, after Jan. 1, 2010, of R-22 units built before Jan. 1, 2010?”

It just so happened that I had heard a few days before that there had not been a final ruling and one was not expected until fall.

I noted that in my reply to the e-mailer, then added:

“Way back in January there was furor over the precise wording of some of the regulations regarding equipment and the EPA ended up issuing an interim clarification that seemed to satisfy the industry. In the most basic sense, entire a/c units coming off the assembly line as of 2010 can’t contain R-22; but components such as compressors, valves, etc., designed for R-22 can still be manufactured to service the aftermarket. In regards to your specific question, a piece of R-22 equipment manufactured before midnight Jan. 1, 2010 can be shipped to wholesalers at any time and can be purchased and installed at any time by contractors. I think we have to go on the assumption that will be the final ruling. I can’t guarantee anything, but for now we have to assume that what I just wrote about will be the situation come Jan. 1.”

That’s the latest as of July 8. Any more updates would be appreciated.