Have you ever thought about what new information or technologies might influence your future? Sure, while waiting in a city log jam you have thought of jet packs that can fly you across town in rush-hour traffic, but have you given consideration as to what might change your business life?

Though almost all of these are in the here and now, and I offer no guarantees as to when they become very mainstream, here is my list of things, in no particular order, that make you go hmmm.

1)      Net zero energy buildings

2)      Radiant heating

3)      Geothermal in places you thought it would not work

4)      The new refrigerant that nobody knows about yet

5)      Cooling beams in ceilings and walls

6)      Building Information Modeling (BIM) 3-D drawings

7)      Required air balancing

8)      Biodiesel burning furnaces

9)      Anything solar as it roars back from the bowels of the 1960s

10)   Certifications for everything in HVAC.