Social networking is quite the rage - I read that Twitter is the fastest growing, rapidly catching up to Facebook for total members.

The NEWShas had a Facebook page for a while, I just started tweeting about three weeks ago, and LinkedIn has finally gotten me hooked.

However, we are still trying to determine whether all of this networking is just going to be for fun, or for profit.

Don’t get me wrong,The NEWS’staff loves typing, talking, chatting, tweeting, and otherwise socializing. But, we also have to put out a weekly news magazine, and as I browse around the social networks, I actually see a lot of blatant marketing and promotion.

Is that what we are supposed to be doing with social networking? Making money?

Or, maybe you have had this similar thought: Do I really want to spend my working hours, or my life after working hours, on the computer screen reaching out to the “network”?

Well, as you determine your place in the social network, be sure to flagThe NEWSas part of your cyberspace journey. Your network can grow very fast when you throw down with us.

And besides, we have some funny, interesting people on the staff you can meet, and we have lots of cool stuff - after all, we are where the industry goes to find the news. (Pun intended.)

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