I have recently been accused of using my blog space to bash science. A few people didn’t appreciate my quoting of the 31,478 American scientists who signed a petition questioning the validity of global warming.

Granted, I should have checked a little further into www.petitionproject.org, but finding absolute proof that global warming is a myth was not my aim. I merely intended to raise the question, what if popular science is wrong? I was hoping to get the HVACR industry thinking.

After all, the climate legislation spawning from the “global warming crisis” will profoundly affect the equipment being produced and installed.

Now, let’s not panic. Change can be a good thing. Take a look at the new Wi-fi equipped coffee house atmosphere McDonald’s has created. I admit I scoffed when the remodeling began, but I enjoyed conversing with a friend the other day in this new atmosphere. Who’d of thought McDonald’s could pull off a middle class coffee house with flair? The play area is still annoying, but that goes without saying.

As a writer, I am always interested in a good story, but as an editor forThe NEWS, I am interested in the whole story, even when it comes time to question popular science.

Despite the intense push for change coming from President Obama, it is important that the nation’s lawmakers take the time to research and implement change correctly. Please, no writing in the margins of the bill this time. America’s pocketbooks can’t take anymore stress.

Thanks to those who pointed out the shortcomings of the Petition Project. I truly appreciate hearing both sides of the story.