One aspect of living somewhat near the Chicago metro area is that I am sometimes asked what the weather might be when someone or some events are coming this way.

This picks up every third year when the International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Expo comes to Chicago, as was the case this past January.

The accuracy of Chicago weather forecasters are no better than any other part of the country, so when asked what the weather will be like, I just say, “It is January and it is Chicago.” Most people then know how to pack.

Certainly cold weather was part of the AHR experience this year. But aside from a few snowflakes one morning, Chicago weather wasn’t the issue. In fact, more significant storms out East created more interesting travel challenges than did Chicago.

The dearth of snow didn’t prevent someone in the hotel elevator one morning saying that he “heard” that “someone” had “said” that Chicago was supposed to get 12 inches of snow one day during the expo.

I knew that wasn’t possible because even if Chicago weather forecasters were usually wrong, they would never pass up the chance to create major panic by reporting on any possibility of snow as a major disaster on the way and 12 inches as the end of the world as we know it. That was not the case during expo week.

I see the next two AHR Expos are in Orlando and Las Vegas. That means no problems with weather in those cities - except for those of us in the Chicago area trying to get there should there be a major snow disaster of epic proportions.