I always thought that air conditioning was good for the economy and good for America.

Wasn’t Willis Carrier’s invention listed as one of the influential inventions in the 20th century?

Now along comes someone who blames air conditioning for REPUBLICANS!

That’s right, according to an article that appears on the Website www.salon.com, Edward McClelland claims, “I blame a/c for the decline of the labor movement and for decimating the Midwest’s population. Mostly, I blame it for the election of George W. Bush.”

McClelland continued by saying because of air conditioning, businesses were able to relocate their plants in the “nonunion” South. With new jobs and new opportunities (and air conditioning for their apartments and homes) the Southern Red States emerged. Are you with me so far?

Then McClelland goes on to say without a/c, George Bush Sr. might not have moved to Texas with George W. and John McCain wouldn’t be able to run for the new representative seat that was added to Arizona in the early 80s.

McClelland, who vows to stay in the Northern climate, moved into an apartment in Chicago and promptly “threw out” his window air conditioners.

Now that’s not such a bad idea for our industry, but do you think he’s one of those people who “invested” in an Ionic Breeze?