For the past winners ofThe NEWS’“Best Contractor to Work For” contest there has been a good share of positive results. To them, winning recognition as a top HVACR contractor is much more than their name in print, a plaque for the office, and some local PR from the media. In fact, it is much more.

Being nominated by employees for this award shows that people genuinely like where they work and enjoy the challenges and rewards that go along with their jobs. In the past, employees have told us that they enjoy the family atmosphere of where they work, along with the educational/training opportunities, the available career paths, and the rewards and recognitions their employer gives out.

These positive actions provide good fodder for recruitment and winning the “Best Contractor” contest has become a great way to open the door to many new prospects - a door that may have otherwise remained closed to people seeking a reason to come to work in the HVACR trade.

And beyond an employee recruitment tool, the “Best Contractor” winner has also used this recognition to market their products and services to customers, too. After all, an employer who is respected and admired by his or her employees is surely a good person to do business with. If an HVACR contractor treats employees well, it only makes sense that the same contractor treats customers well, too. Our past winners have used this proud moniker in their advertisements and marketing programs.

Now it is your chance to become a winner. If you think you have that winning atmosphere in your business, please ask an employee to enter you in the “Best Contractor to Work For” contest by Nov. 14 by clicking onbestcontractor.achrnews.comand filling out the online nomination form. Only five contractors in North America will share that privilege this year. Are you going to be one of them?