I shouldn’t be surprised that as we approach Election Day the mudslinging increases and the negative campaigning and name-calling continues to overshadow the “real issues” and platforms of the major political parties. It is a rite of passage to hear what an opposing candidate does wrong rather than what the candidate’s own agenda is (unless their agenda is to bash their opponent).

By the time the election is over I think most people are relieved, even making the event anti-climatic. I look forward to seeing everyone’s lawn again as political signs are removed and the landscape is once again unabused by overzealous campaigners and citizens who are a little over the top with all of the yard signage. I, for one, have never and will never put a political sign on my lawn. Politics are my own personal business.

On top of all of this negativity comes the daily, almost hourly news of the failing global economy and how Wall Street continues to react to every hiccup in the credit and banking industries. I find it odd that on one day the Dow Jones index can be up 400 points and then down 500 the next day. So odd, in fact, that I put very little credence in what the stock market does anymore.

So whom can I really blame for all of this negativity? My cohorts in the general media. One story placed in the right information channel can create panic and depression among people whose sanity level is usually close to normal. I was recently reminded of my tendency toward negativity by an HVACR contractor who commented that because I am from Michigan, it seems that all of the news is bad.

Well I’m here to tell you that all of the news IS bad. I am also here to tell you that I have been off my medication for a while. But I like being in vogue so keep the bad news coming.