Alex Walter, a contractor in Aurora, Colo., has been bugging me for over a year to post his list of places that an HVAC system should never be installed. Now, I admit, he has some good ideas that will make you think . . . but what would happen if all of the following locations were out of the picture for HVAC?

No attic locations unless an equipment room has been constructed within. If mechanical equipment is located in an attic there must be at least a disappearing pull-down stairway for access along with catwalks, electrical receptacle, and lighting in the attic.

Here are some of Walter’s other no-no locations:

No crawl space locations.

No crawl in locations.

No fungi locations.

No locations heavily overgrown with trees, plants, or weeds.

No closely fenced-in locations.

No closely walled-in locations.

No zero clearance locations.

No out-of-reach locations.

No hidden locations.

No insect-infested locations.

No extremely noisy locations.

No we (under water) locations.

No muddy locations.

No surrounded by junk locations.

No rocky, hard on the knees locations.

No long hike, walk, or climb locations.

No locations requiring the use of a ladder more than six feet high.

No locations with less than 42-inch minimum width work platforms that slope toward or away from access doors or panels at an angle greater than 5°.

No downright dangerous locations.

The end.

Well, Walter, there you are. However, I think most people will now have to pick up their tools and go home.