How do I “air” thee? Let me count the ways.

On second thought, I won’t, especially when used in the name of an HVACR business. Geesh. Have you ever spent time browsing through the phone book and looking at how many of your peers are using air in their name?

Oh, I’m sorry, maybe you are using it, too. The word air in a name seems to outnumber all of the other names by a 2-1 margin. I know I am exaggerating, but you get my drift.

There is nothing creative in using air in the name of an HVACR business, yet it is a very good identifier for the business. For that reason I am not criticizing its use - not really. But there has to be another way to use it that might distinguish one contractor from another.

How about some long titles like “To Air is Human, To Forgive is Divine” or “Suffering From Premature Air Loss?” Maybe you have a swashbuckling spirit and would choose “Pirate Airrrrrrrrrrrr.”

If you have a lot of Disney fans in your neighborhood, you could be “AIRiel’s Favorite” or some such nonsense.

The point is, it could be fun to get creative. The more creative the name, the more eye-catching. I’m not suggesting you run out and change your name - well, not really. Maybe you could add a tagline to your existing name, one that appears right underneath your name, like “ABC Heating & Cooling - The REAL Airheads.”

If you don’t use air in your name, nevermind.