This industry is going about reaching today’s youth in the wrong way. Since the average child watches 1,680 minutes of TV per week, let’s set our focus on getting exposure on the “boob tube.”

Sure, today’s youth may be engrossed with cell phone use, playing video games (both portable and otherwise), eating, and not exercising, but TV plays a big part in their life. Thanks to cable, dish network, satellite, digital video recorders, and TiVo, there are more shows to watch as well as record.

(I have to admit the invention of the DVR is the best invention of this century. One can now skip over the Viagra commercials and get straight to watching “Deal or No Deal.” How great is that?)

Skip the nationwide TV commercial blitz. If ads are being zipped aside, what good would it do to have one if kids are skipping commercials.

Let’s shoot for a weekly TV program, be it an hour, or just a half-hour, show. Let’s get one of the main three - CBS, NBC, or ABC - simply because not all households have cable or satellite.

If we are to make our pitch, let’s all be on the same page as to what type of program it should be. Weekly comedy? Documentary? Reality TV? Drama? Talk show? … what?

After the type of program is determined, we can turn our attention as to what the content should be, how we can pitch it to the networks, vote on who should participate, etc.

I’m dead serious. Let’s get the suggestions rolling.