AirTime 500 members found out they can have actor Alan Thicke as their personal spokesperson.

Well, kind of.

Thanks to the efforts of Terry Nicholson and other association big wigs, AirTime 500 members can now buy into a program that will put Thicke on their company’s Website.

Yep, Thicke will be right there, talking about the values of HVAC to those who click on the video. Thicke will be used to expound on other topics, ranging from the need for furnace tune-ups in the fall to IAQ matters in the spring.

It’s not a novelty idea, but certainly an impressive one. After all, if you have a celebrity talking about your service, that could pull in some customers. AirTime 500 members who buy into this program could possibly have a leg up on the competition.

Don’t know who Alan Thicke is? He is best known as the psychiatrist and father Jason Seaver from ABC’s “Growing Pains.” He also had his own show from 1980 to 1983, which became (and apparently remains) the biggest hit in the history of Canadian daytime television. He’s responsible for the creation of “Facts of Life” and “Diff’rent Strokes.”

Thinking about this, I was wondering which celebrity would you like to represent your company and why would you choose that celebrity? If you select Pee-Wee Herman, we’re going to have to have a talk.

(By the way, Carmen Electra is already taken. She’s going to be on my Website. Should I ever put one together. And if her agent ever calls me back.)