If you are one of the 30,000-plus industry people that made their way to the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan last week, you probably had the same reaction that I did. Even though I am not used to $6 cups of coffee or tipping cabbies 20 percent to avoid a cold stare, I’ve gotta say my experience in New York was pretty darn good.

Those of you that “boycotted” this year’s AHR because of the disaster that took place there some 20 years ago missed aisles full of potential customers … especially contractors. I talked to dozens of exhibitors and they all said the traffic was tremendous. We added a record number of new subscribers toThe NEWS … Thank you very much.

Want to get a taste of the Big Apple? Make sure you read the Feb. 18 issue ofThe NEWSto see all the new products that debuted at the show or, better yet, check out our coverage of the show onlineat www.achrnews.com/CDA/AHR_Expo. The Big Apple … tastes good!