Did you read about how our unemployment has “climbed” to 5 percent and on top of that the stock market only went up 7 percent in 2007. I also saw an e-mail today about a 15 percent drop in attendance for the upcoming International Builders Show in February. Oh no! The sky is falling.

Wait a minute. Let’s get real here. We have 95 percent employment and the financial reporters are all doom and gloom. The stock market has had six years of continual growth and we are moaning because the growth isn’t big enough. When did pessimism become our national obsession?

We even received an e-mail from NAHB, which stated, “Despite the many rumors of major cancellations of exhibitors from the IBS, the show remains strong and healthy.” This year’s show will have 1,900 booths and will cover 1 million square feet of floor space. Does that sound like disaster to you? And even if the show attendance is down 15 percent from last year there will still be 88,400 people jamming those aisles.

I think this Chicken Little stuff is Chicken S#*t!