OK, I knew that headline might grab you, but I really DO want to know whom Ishould vote for in 2008. Who is the best person to step in after George W. (thankfully?) walks away? Really, I seek your input here. Give it to me.

While I do know that it’s not a good idea to vote for the Leader of the Free World solely on what he (or she) believes in, it’s a start – right? I’d like to know, for instance, who is the best candidate in regard to his/her views on the energy issue (or, is it a crisis?); if she/he believes in having a national policy that would provide the public with tax breaks for upgrading heating and cooling equipment in homes and buildings; and if she/he believes in addressing global warming.

Who is the best candidate, I ask.

Which candidate, in your opinion, is producing answers - better yet, proposed solutions - to these ever-present social, economical, and nagging issues and problems of today? Which candidate do you believe is the best choice in getting a true national energy policy in place, who believes in taking the Kyoto Protocol seriously, and who will provide the ways and means so that the United States does n-o-t have dependency on foreign oil.

Who is that person? Heck, is that person even in the current race for the White House? Do we need to get a different candidate in the race and back him/her?

Yeah, I really do have more questions than answers here. But, I’m hoping readers of this blog (and more) can supply me with reasons why they are going to vote for Candidate X. Or, why they believe Prospect Y should be placed into the presidential hat.

Right now I am at a loss as to whom I should vote for, mainly because I have not seen the current list of presidential wannabees supplying answers to the above questions and issue. However, I could be wrong.

Sooo, help! Cast your votesn-o-wso that, before it comes time to go behind the curtain, I will have plenty of time to formulate a solid decision and choice.

Don’t hesitate. Post your comments now. Help!