Some call it performance contracting. Others call it the whole-house approach. Still others term it the total-systems approach. And yet there are some who have their own slant on - and term for - the same subject. Just know that the end result should be the same.

In other words, if an HVACR contractor is to truly provide solid comfort and HVACR-related energy savings for a homeowner or building owner, the contractor has to do more than just install or repair the air conditioning system and/or furnace system. The contractor needs to explore all question marks in a home or building in order to resolve all energy inefficiencies and/or indoor environment issues.

Don’t believe me? Just ask Larry Taylor, president of AirRite Air Conditioning, Ft. Worth, Texas.

Like many other businesses, AirRite’s success with a whole-house approach began as an evolution to Taylor’s thinking. From day one, the company’s mission was to provide the best possible service to its customers. However, as Taylor began to investigate and learn more about air distribution, he realized that his firm’s approach to HVAC installation needed some improvement.

“I always believed that we were doing excellent work,” he said. “But the more I learned, the more I was embarrassed by how much we didn’t know.”

When all was said and done, Taylor began differentiating his business from nearby competition. He learned that the traditional approach to residential HVAC often did not solve homeowners’ problems, and in many cases, even exacerbated these problems. In addition to equipment replacement, his company started offering air sealing for the attic and duct systems, installation of humidifiers and dehumidifiers, correcting thermal bypass issues, installing attic insulation, and improving attic ventilation. Now Taylor can say “equipment is one of the 10 things we do.”

Pursuing these new revenue-inducing paths provided AirRite with more stable growth, less seasonal fluctuation in work volume, higher revenues, and increased profit margins.

Why re-invent the wheel? Learn from Taylor and his company’s success.