CHICAGO - UVDI is announcing that it has been awarded a design patent associated with the Altru-V brand V-Flex Model product design. U.S. patent 6,979,103 is titled "UltraViolet Lamp Standards and Methods of Use Thereof."

The V-Flex Series is designed to provide the flexibility and UV intensity for HVAC applications which require control and treatment of viruses and bacteria in air streams at flow rates ranging from 2,000 to in excess of 100,000 cfm.

According to the company, specific benefits include:

  • Optimum installation flexibility and "kill rates" in HVAC systems of virtually any size, large or small.

  • Multiple lamp capability can be mounted on a common support which can be modified to adjust to specific air handling geometries.

  • Offers 360 degree irradiance.

  • Installs easily and requires only one electrical service hook-up per support.

    The company says this extends its technical design expertise into "on the fly" air treatment applications to complement its existing Altru-V brand V-Mod Model.