HARTFORD, Conn. - The EMCOR Group Inc. chairman and CEO, Frank MacInnis, Connecticut Governor Jodi Rell, and president and CEO of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC), Ernie Allen, announced the launch of a three-pronged national initiative to help find missing children and promote child safety.

EMCOR will be "Taking Kid Safety to the Street" by displaying NCMEC's posters of missing children on the back of over 5,000 of its trucks and service vans across the country, using them as moving billboards to increase public awareness of children reported as missing.

The initial prong of the program, the vehicle posters have been designed by EMCOR so that photos of missing children and NCMEC's 24-hour nationwide hotline are highly visible. The posters are tailored to six different geographic zones with new photos being rotated on a monthly basis.

The second prong of the program involves EMCOR's more than 2,000 facility services personnel being trained to implement Code Adam. This program, originally developed by Wal-Mart associates, is activated when a child is first reported as missing within a facility prior to the arrival of law enforcement.

The third prong, an online brochure created by EMCOR, "My Safety Tips", at www.emcorgroup.com/kidsafety, provides kids with NCMEC's rules for child safety, Internet safety, and building safety. After reading these rules, children are invited to take "The Kid Safety Challenge" and print out a "Kid Safety Certificate" of accomplishment.

"We are grateful to EMCOR for making the safety of children and the search for missing children the focus of this new program," said Allen.

"EMCOR has long reached out and contributed to communities in our state, making a positive impact," said Rell. "They are clearly bringing the same passion and vigor to this program and we are proud to support and help them launch it."

Publication date: 10/03/2005