The new training center is equipped with both indoor and outdoor Mitsubishi Electric Mr. Slim units.
DALLAS - Mitsubishi Electric HVAC opened its new training center in Dallas. "The Dallas Training Center (DTC) will ensure that our reach for Diamond Dealers expands across the country," said William Rau, senior vice president and general manager, Mitsubishi Electric HVAC. "It is critical that dealers are fully trained and qualified to sell Mitsubishi products.

"By opening a training facility west of the Mississippi, we've made it easier for dealers and distributors to receive instruction in a more centralized location."

The new center, a 30- by 20-foot room used for Mitsubishi training, is located at the Gunder & Associates LLC facility. As of the beginning of July, more than 60 dealers have been trained at the facility and another 25 Diamond Dealers have been added to the Central United States, according to Jeff Ledsinger, sales manager for Gunder & Associates.

In addition, the center has been used as a showroom for distributors and dealers and as a venue for meetings with other institutions, housing authorities, and other large end-user prospects.

The center features a classroom designed for 18 attendees and equipped with indoor and outdoor Mitsubishi Electric Mr. Slim units. Products are fully operational so attendees can participate in hands-on training.

Additionally, the center is prepared for a City Multi product installation, with a three-phase disconnect already installed.

Publication date: 09/12/2005