ANAHEIM, Calif. - The HVAC engineering community is still very much involved in issues of homeland security, and asked for input on how to proceed from here, as well as making itself open for any questions from the audience. The subject is still a fearful one, as evidenced by the relative silence from a roomful of people.

The ASHRAE Ad Hoc Committee on Homeland Security is working with the federal government and other engineering organizations to provide technical information and guidelines to professionals who need it. There will be a satellite broadcast in April, with 150-200 downlink sites around the world, to discuss issues of security, infrastructure, backup systems, and how HVAC fits into the picture.

The discussion turned on sensor technology, underground transportation system ventilation, biological contaminants, power losses, backup systems, and proximity to potential target buildings. Is it any wonder the audience was sometimes at a loss for words?

Publication date: 01/26/2004