Dennis Laughlin, president of the Zoning Marketing Alliance (ZMA), presided over the ZMA Board Meeting.
CHICAGO — The Zoning Market Alliance (ZMA), Cleveland, OH, held a meeting during the AHR Expo in Chicago. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss marketing strategies for both ZMA and for the zoning market.

Attendees discussed promotional ideas to get the word out about zoning. Dennis Laughlin, ZMA president said, “We need some vehicle to get us some more publicity. Our mission is to create awareness.”

Ruth King, channel manager of hvacchannel.TV, addressed ZMA members on some marketing ideas.

Inform Contractors

Ruth King of hvacchannel.TV said it is important that contractors learn more about zoning, including how to sell it and install it. “Contractors need to hear about zoning success stories from other contractors,” she added.

ZMA member Mike Reilly of EWC Controls, Inc., supported King’s statement. “Our estimates are that only 10 percent of HVACR contractors are selling zoning.”

Milt Baum, owner of Keil Heating & Air Conditioning, told fellow ZMA members about the need to educate homeowners on zoning.

Inform Homeowners

Milt Baum, owner of New Jersey-based Keil Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. is also a member of ZMA. Noting that a recent media survey showed 54 percent of homeowners are unhappy with their indoor comfort, Baum said, “First and foremost [the issue] is not selling zoning to contractors — it is selling zoning to homeowners.”