Company: Sensaphone

Product: Stratus EMS

Description: The Stratus EMS remote monitoring system helps facility managers keep watch on HVACR equipment and facility environments in real time via smartphone, tablet, or computer. It can track conditions that could indicate malfunction of HVAC systems, boilers, cold storage units, and chillers. The Stratus EMS pulls information from building automation system (BAS) sensors and reads BAS values over Modbus RTU/485 and Modbus TCP for alarming and data acquisition. The system also includes 12 inputs for connecting external sensors to monitor conditions like vibration, differential pressure, water leak detection, airflow, temperature, and humidity. If a sensor detects a change in either environmental or equipment conditions, it sends an immediate alert to designated personnel. The cloud-based Stratus EMS system with supporting app enables users to check status and modify settings in real time from any mobile device. All readings are stored in the cloud, and no software is required.

Contact: (877)-373-2700; www.sensaphone.comeProduct 186

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