NEWTON, Mass. — Dan Diehl, CEO at Aircuity, will address CERAWeek 2022 to discuss the convergence of decarbonization and healthy indoor air quality. Diehl will share highlights of successful projects and will discuss how major corporations, life science companies, and institutions are now committing to aggressive decarbonization efforts with an efficiency first mindset.

CERAWeek by IHS Markit is an energy event with comprehensive insight into the global and regional energy future. This marks the fourth year that Diehl has been invited to speak at the conference. He will be speaking during the Agora session entitled Automating the Built Environment: Maximizing efficiency, costs & emissions, which takes place on March 9th at 10:30 CST. The session is moderated by Vijay Vaitheeswaran, global energy and climate innovation editor at The Economist.

Major corporations, life science companies, and institutions are committing to aggressive decarbonization in the coming years. Ventilation optimization, particularly in labs and research spaces, have a significant impact on true carbon footprint reduction. In his CERAWeek presentation, Diehl will share results of decarbonization efforts which include that every dollar invested in ventilation optimization generates a five times return on future decarbonization efforts. He’ll also explain why the market is now tackling the converging IAQ and decarbonization challenges with an "efficiency first" mindset. 

“The facts are clear on climate change, and the time is now: buildings account for a huge amount of annual greenhouse gas emissions, and companies are setting aggressive zero carbon targets and striving for optimal indoor air quality,” said Diehl. “The Aircuity platform’s ability to address the convergence of IAQ and decarbonization has never been more important.”