As another year of the pandemic goes by, many industries are facing the struggles of supply chain and labor issues. The HVAC industry is no different. While it’s important to find people to employ, it’s equally — if not more — important to foster a company culture that’s strong enough to maintain this workforce. Whether that means hosting monthly social events, providing comprehensive training, or allowing for flexible work conditions, taking care of current and new employees is key to the development of a strong company culture.

Four HVAC contractors stand out in this respect, and have gained the title of Best Contractors to Work For in 2021. Boston Standard Co., Huft Home Services, Jackson Comfort Services, and GSM Services all understand that creating a welcoming and safe work environment can not only help maintain their current employee base, but also attract newcomers to the industry. Happy employees make for happy customers, and this translates into greater success for an HVAC business.