Company: Siemens

Product: SINAMICS G120XE

Description: A new enclosed drive system, the SINAMICS G120XE is designed specifically for the demands of industrial pump, fan, and compressor applications in a wide variety of markets. A NEMA 1 enclosure is standard, with a NEMA 12 version optional, featuring appropriate ventilation and air filters.  The base enclosure is suitable for wall-mounting to 75 hp applications, while the free-standing floor module accommodates uses to 200 hp. The enclosure ventilation fans on the SINAMICS G120XE are controlled via a relay and run only as needed, a significant energy saver and noise reduction feature. Optional features on the enclosure include output filters and reduced voltage soft start (RVSS) bypass. In addition to the door-mounted IOP-2 keypad/display, the drive can also be commissioned, set up, or modified using any Wi-Fi-enabled laptop, tablet, or smartphone by installing the Smart Access Module.

Contact: (800) 333-7421;; eProduct 189

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