HOUSTON — RectorSeal has launched the RectorSeal Academy of self-directed e-learning courses for U.S. and Canadian trades people, service technicians, contractors, distributors, and manufacturer’s representatives.

The RectorSeal Academy is powered by the BlueVolt learning management system (LMS) platform. The curriculum offers more than two dozen RectorSeal-produced, product knowledge online video subjects, such as condensate management, surge protection/voltage monitoring, plumbing/appliance leak detection, firestop, coil cleaning, tools, and other topics. The cloud-based platform operates easily on all computer devices and smartphones regardless of the operating system, browser, or preference settings.

Participants can access the free courses immediately after a brief online registration at www.rectorseal.com/academy. Most course videos are less than 15 minutes long and completion is at the student’s own pace. Product and platform navigation help requests get linked to the RectorSeal product’s website pages, or to BlueVolt customer service, respectively. Each course requires a short survey for future facilitation improvement. Some courses require a short test, knowledge check, and other interactive elements. A certificate is emailed afterward. Some courses qualify for North American Technician Excellence (NATE) Continuing Education Unit (CEU) accreditation.

Besides educating trades people and service technicians, the RectorSeal Academy offers new opportunities for distributors to train their front-line counterpeople on the latest product trends and technology. RectorSeal anticipates interfacing its academy with distributors, buying groups, and trade school curriculums compatible with the BlueVolt platform.

One of the most requested educational video subjects is the PRO-Fit Quick Connect. Other popular courses are videos on RectorSeal’s Safe-T-Switch product line and TripleGuard. 

The RectorSeal Academy supplements the recently-developed On-Demand Training with RectorSeal. On-demand training, www.rectorseal.com/class-registration, is led by Jerry Myren, inside sales manager and NATE-certified product trainer, and Michael Emerick, global ductless manager.

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