Company: RBI®, a Mestek Company

Product: Torus

Description: Offered in sizes ranging from 1,250-4,000 MBH, these commercial boilers are up to 97.5 percent AHRI Certified efficient, and the water heaters are up to 98 percent. The units feature a 5:1 turndown. The heat exchanger is made from 316L stainless steel and is manufactured through a process called tube hydroforming, which allows the shaping of stainless steel tubes that are strong and light. The four-pass design works in concert with a multi-channel manifold and increased tube diameters resulting in ultra-high efficiency with very low pressure drop. An exclusive telescoping burner door system slides outward, offering full access to the combustion chamber for annual inspection and service. The Heatnet 3.0 integrated boiler control management system features a user-friendly intuitive touchscreen, allowing for easy setup and capture of trending data. It continually monitors system performance and modulates boiler firing rates to maximize turndown ratios and maintain peak efficiency. A Sika vortex flow sensor provides real time flow communication to the HeatNet 3.0 control platform while the Tru-Flow Air/Fuel Coupling constantly monitors and regulates the flow of both air and fuel, ensuring optimal 1:1 fuel mixture for safe and reliable operation.

Contact: 413-568-9571,, eProduct 182

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