CRANSTONK, R.I. — The Taco Family of Companies executive chairman and owner John Hazen White, Jr. has announced the promotion of Cheryl Merchant to CEO. Merchant, who joined Taco in 2019, was previously president of Global Operations.

“During her time at Taco, Cheryl has proven herself a capable and talented leader,” said White. “I feel confident that our company will continue to move in a positive direction under her leadership. This promotion demonstrates the full confidence and trust that the White family has in her.”

“I will remain actively involved in the company,” he added. “This executive transition will allow me to focus on global growth of the company as well as continue to nurture and strengthen the crucial relationships we have with our employees, reps, suppliers, customers, and the communities where we work.”

Prior to joining Taco, Merchant spent the last 19 years as the president and CEO of Hope Global Industries, based in Cumberland, Rhode Island.

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