Company: Krack by Hussmann Corporation

Product: Krack® Vspeed systems

Description: This product’s applications include Krack® Levitor II LAVK and Microchannel MXK air cooled condensers with 230/3 and 460/3 voltage options. The fans run up to 1,140 RPMs with a 1.5 horsepower motor. Retrofit installations have a drop-in solution for motor and drive with Krack condensers. The product provides constant load matching capacity and matches voltage to capacity reducing energy required to operate. It consistently monitors condensing temperature decreasing cycling on compressors, resulting in less wear and tear on system components. The product’s decibel output decreases as system capacity lowers. It has separate electronics that are isolated from vibration and rain.

Contact: 833-684-6280,, eProduct 184

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