AUSTIN, Texas — For the 2019 calendar year, Modernize helped more than two million homeowners across the United States search for the contractors they need. This is the first time Modernize had two million inquiries, each being a separate project where Modernize was asked to connect homeowners with qualified local contractors for major energy-saving home improvements. Since most homeowners seek multiple quotes, this resulted in over three million leads to contractors.

“We’ve grown our business through both online and offline sources,” said Jim Ziminski, CEO of Mr. Roof / Able Roof. “But over the past decade, we’ve seen a big shift to homeowners coming from online sources. With Modernize’s place in the market, it’s no wonder they’re garnering so many of those requests.”

“At Modernize, we’re constantly tuning and tweaking how we create value in the process of connecting homeowners with our contractor partners,” said Jason Polka, Modernize CEO.  “We’re proud to now be serving over two million homeowners per year, initiating projects that generate over a billion dollars of revenue for our contractor partners, and creating long-lasting energy savings for homeowners from coast to coast.”

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