ORLANDO, Fla. — At a press conference at the recent AHR Expo, MovinCool executives explained how the company’s heritage drives its progress with its portable air conditioners.

“Our non-automotive products are born from our manufacturing expertise,” said Richard Shiozaki, senior vice president of Denso Products and Services Americas Inc.

The concept for the MovinCool originated on the shop floor at a Denso plant in 1970. The company wanted to cool select areas without cooling the entire factory. Engineers took their knowledge of car air conditioning and scaled it up. Visitors touring the Denso plant soon started to ask about the apparatuses and the company realized the potential for a new product line. MovinCool arrived in the United States in 1982 and quickly moved from the factory floor into the server room.

Today, the main clients are mission critical operations, such as data centers and surgical rooms. The units are stored for emergency use, said David Retrum, sales manager of MovinCool.

This is the first major upgrade since the products debuted in the United States. The reconfigured Climate Pro units offer upgraded design features — including a streamlined control panel, built-in power cord holder, and heavy-duty casters. The new Climate Pro series features 11 models: six models for office use, three models for industrial applications, and two models offering both heating and cooling.

The enhancements to the new control panel include an LCD screen, buttons clearly aligned with functions and settings, and color graphics. The new Climate Pro series features an improved drain tank. Units for industrial applications are also designed for easy reconfiguration of nozzles and come with built-in flanges.

The new units are designed for easier navigation. They have enhanced bumpers that also act as handles. In addition, the units offer a curved design, something the company’s new logo reflects. They also now all come in black, which was actually a response to customer feedback, Retrum said.

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