BREA, Calif. — CoolSys, a parent of refrigeration and HVAC services companies nationwide, opened the doors of its new, state-of-the-art training facility in Fullerton, California, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony commemorating the occasion in January. As the company’s largest training center in the United States, it provides in-depth training classes to equip CoolSys technicians to be successful and grow with the latest knowledge in refrigeration and HVAC technology.

“Training and investing in people is a top priority at CoolSys and this new location represents an important step in furthering these objectives,” said Adam Coffey, chief executive officer at CoolSys. “We’re looking forward to seeing our CoolSys technicians take full advantage of the new training offered at our Fullerton facility, and the great things to come from enhancing their professional development to better serve our customers. At CoolSys, we are always striving for continual growth and improvement in our people as we continue to expand our market presence and footprint across the United States.”

CoolSys will offer 24 classes during Q1 2020 to approximately 200 technicians at the new training facility. It will provide a full range of HVAC and refrigeration courses including seven levels of service training and five levels of installation training. The new training center shares the same location as the Source Orange County branch operations and the California branch of CoolSys Energy Designs, the company’s full MEPR (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and refrigeration) engineering business. In its own section of the building, the training center features three full classrooms and resources to teach three classes simultaneously with different areas of the training center designed to meet the specific needs of each training level.

“We’re excited to open our newest training center in Southern California,” said Beth Goldstein, chief human resources officer at CoolSys. “As a progressive employer, we strive to deliver the resources and support that our employees need to achieve their dreams, goals, and personal success. Training and investing in people have always been cornerstones at CoolSys, and we pride ourselves on the advanced level of training that we are able to offer our technicians.”

CoolSys currently operates two other training centers which are located in Houston, Texas, and Jacksonville, Florida. In addition to giving employees greater access to professional growth opportunities, the goal of its training centers is to benefit customers by giving technicians access to the knowledge and skills they need to meet and exceed customers’ expectations. Each year, CoolSys invests millions of dollars into its regional and national training centers, and as a result, is known for having one of the most advanced training programs in the industry.

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