Enginia North America, a brand of Herr Technologies LLC: Air Handler Safety Handle

Company: Enginia North America, a brand of Herr Technologies LLC

Product: Dual Safe™ Hinge/Handle

Description: This patented hinge/handle system allows an air handler door to be opened in either direction or removed completely, allowing flexibility to deal with on-site obstructions. A safety escape system allows someone to open the latches and exit the air handler from inside, even when fully locked from outside. The three-axis hinge allows adjustment of vertical, horizontal, and depth for proper door alignment. Compression can be adjusted with a standard hex key at any time, without removing any covers. A standard hex key can also lock and unlock the handles for safety and security. The device features a blow-out prevention system using pressure relief safety catches, which prevent the door from blowing out when used on a pressurized air handler or duct system. Initial opening of the latch allows the door to open a few inches against the safety catch to relieve the air pressure without allowing the door to fly open. The metal slide safety catch is then pulled to fully release and open the door fully.

Contact: 717-299-5679, www.herrtechnologies.com, eProduct 186

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